Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Some things about me...Beverages

I would rather drink water than cheap tequila or rum and I do not drink beer, wine or coffee.
 I was a diet coke junkie for the past 10+ years and stopped drinking them entirely September 23, 2011. I was drinking close to 1 gallon a day on some days. Now I drink unsweetened ice tea, juice and water.

I no longer knowingly drink (or eat) anything that uses an artificial sweetener.

I am Herradura Tequila fan first and foremost with Partida & Fortaleza being a close second.

I don't like margaritas that use an artificial mix instead of lime juice.

My house margaritas are made using quality tequila, fresh squeezed lime juice, agave nectar and water.

I like a reposado tequila for margaritas.

I only drink frozen margaritas with a shot of quality tequila added and I prefer a bartender made frozen to a machine made frozen just because I can call the tequila. But then again, I rarely order a frozen one.

I rarely do shots anymore.

I own a $350 bottle of tequila, though I did not pay that much for it. 

I prefer Cuban rum when I can get it. Not "Cuban Style" or  "Cuban Recipe"...CUBAN rum.  From Cuba.  Havana Club to be precise. I buy it when and where I can.  I usually find it in the Caribbean but have found single barrel limited runs in Copenhagen of all places. 

My default, go to rum is Mount Gay Eclipse or Mount Gay Extra Old which are from Barbados and Mount Gay is of the oldest rum makers in the world.

I will drink Baccardi but no spiced rums, Meyers or other "kettle" rums. 

I'm not a big vodka fan nor do I care for gin of any kind.

I like Jack Daniels, Crown and various whiskeys but not scotch.

I rarely venture into the world of cognac or brandy, other than a little Presidente Mexican Brandy floated on top of my margarita on occasion.

I prefer to sit a the bar and eat dinner instead of a table or booth.

I pay attention when a bartender makes my drink.  I like to know just how much they are/are not putting in there.


  1. How do you score REAL Cuban rum in the States?

  2. You take a trip or a cruise to a Caribbean Island (or Mexico) and buy up as many as you can carry. A bottle of Havana Club Anejo Blanco (one of my faves) goes for about $13.

  3. Trey, can you please share your recipe for your house margarita? Approx measurements would be awesome! I, like you, do not care for the artificial mix. Thanks!

    1. for a pitcher of "mix" i use: 12 oz fresh squeezed lime juice, 10 oz water, 9 oz of agave nectar. Mix together in a pitcher and chill. Best if used within a day. I use half tequila and half "mix". You can add an oz or two of Gran Marnier, Cointreau or Triple Sec if you like. Shake it with ice, pour contents of shaker into a salted glass.

      Let me know how you like it!

      You may need to adjust the water/agave nectar amounts based on how the lime juice comes out. Key limes give the best results but it takes A LOT of them to get 12 oz of juice. I like to mix Key Limes and Persian (large) limes together.